Friday, January 9, 2009

where it supposed to be...

when the school reopened last monday after my cherished 2weeks holiday, slowly irritation built up inside me. school just makes you feel stressed, doesn't it? little by little i felt uneasy and unrest. everything just not right. so, to cool it down, i've thought of spending for leisure. i mean, by not refraining myself to get anything i want. it didn't take me long to do that. just for lunch alone, a spent as much as i usually spend for 2-3 meals altogether. hehehe.

then something resurfaced in my mind.

ever heard of the story of the conversation between RM1 note and RM100 note? here, i'll retell from my own memory and some plausible add-ons

RM100 : hi, long time no see. such a coincidence, we meet again.

RM1 : yeah, the first time we met was years ago.

RM100 : true, and from there. it's an adventure. i've gone to many places. i've travelled to numerous shopping complexes, famous restaurants, bars, cinemas and more. i've seen so many things as the exchange for me, elegant clothes, designer shoes, high tech devices and the even smell from the flashy bottle perfume still faintly stick on me. it was exciting. how about you?

RM1 : i'm happy too. every place i go, the person who receives me would smile. i've gone to plenty of beggars, cheerful children, and mostly i would be put into boxes in mosques or those for orphans and the poors. they are the best i guess, they made sure i'm not lost among the others.

get the story? it hit me hard too. to think how miniscule the portion i used from what Allah had granted me to help the others. i live so comfortable now but when it comes to donation, i spent so little from it. i'd rather enjoy it on things i like. so, now, my friends, it's never too late to change our attitudes. there's abundant of others who need the money more than us. the war victims greatly and desperately need them more than us. they're bleeding while we're idling and wasting what we took for granted here. hesitate not when you see boxes like this. you won't be at any loss. in fact, you'll enjoy from what you give later. if you don't believe me, at least, believe in Allah, our creator.

this box is part in the campaign "satu tabung satu keluarga" by Aman Palestin organization. i got it during a program on awareness towards palestine issue. when it is full, we can always return it to them and get a new one to continue for this cause. well, even if you do not have one such as this at home, you can always make one. use any empty box or can and make sure you fill it as frequent as you can, i mean, when you feel you have that extra money at hand. or even when u feel happy, insert some of what you have, so you can make others happy too, see, the happiness spreads. imagine how your contribution no matter how small-better if it's big, can make their suffering lessen even for a bit. when your donation could be used to buy medicines to treat dying fighters and their children. how you can make them happy to live for one more day-aided by your help that is.

mine at home is still so light. i wonder when it will actually be filled to a brim......

in addition, regarding palestine, i extracted this from others' blog. so, be cautious my brothers and sisters!

Fatwa Dr. Yusuf Qardhawi: ” 1 Rial (Ringgit) Untuk Produk AS, Sama Dengan Satu Peluru Untuk Tubuh Saudaramu di Palestine”

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