Saturday, January 17, 2009

passion from the past

before, i used to like, not just like, it's an immense enthuasism towards history stuffs. i mean, i really attracted to know history, it just seemed so fascinating to know what had happened in the past, it's like reading a novel. in short, i enjoy it when i got my hands on some books by oh my, i forgot now, but it tells the story of parameswara, tun perak and so on. however, when i entered high school, somehow the enjoyment faded. i used to only read them but never i was to remember every details and to spill it on the white paper of what we call examination sheet. afterwards, i find it hard to actually feel the attachment to history nor understood the reason the need for it. ok, one passion killed.

to another matter, since a child, i was a lover of animals. i love them, i find them adorable. ok, specifically animals that are pets. i used to own a lots of cats at home, though not mine solefully nor did i took the full responsibility in raising them. but, i love them. i got interested to know more about animals and once, i borrowed a book from a close acquaintance of my parents about mammals. a thick book. i used to leaf through the book all over, the pictures so beautiful. at that time, i find it hard to read such intricate details of each one of them. but at least, i got a clue of how the taxonomy of mammal is with their abundance of species to organize from. i got to know how marsupials is a group of its own with their distinctive traits distinguishing it from the others. how primates comprise of a very large family including one named siamang which actually inhabit malaysia's forests but never had i saw one-i live in urban areas anyway. how dolphin and whales actually have warm-blooded as us. okay, humans are warm-blooded but never we are mammals. points to note, warm-blooded means the temperature of the body doesn't fluctuate as much for it has its narrow stable range. but now, do i even bother with them?

recently, there is a kitten at our residence and i just can't stop myself from taking it in my arms and stroke it. it was white with some dark brown spots. a bit like siamese cat. thankfully, it was not dirty compared to any stray cats i won't bother to come near. it's a kitten that is in its playful stage, so i didn't get to hold it for long. at least, by that time, my irritation at the moment decreased. stroking fur just giving you a good feeling somehow.
and today, i saw some photos which really intrigued me. i just love to see beautiful pictures. it just makes my heart in a bit of happiness. even as i child, i had this mounting interest in that enchanting world. my dad had always had a camera-he himself is a photography enthusiast. perhaps, i just got the influence from him. however, i admit so far, i never made a serious effort to make this one passion of mine a serious thing in my life. i do have the strong desire to take such stunning pictures just like those that always amaze me. i badly yearn for a camera all these time, but once, i got hold of one but my carelessness made it unfunctional after some time. and i hardly get chance to get another thereafter though i did for a while but i found it inconvenient for its size. okay, talking about being choosy. perhaps, i just dun have the drive to make some sacrifices from myself to pursue that passion. well, i never thought of forking out my own money to buy one. gosh, so dependable of other, that's what i am for all these while.

but i can't forget those clouds i always got to see during my 2yrs stay at langkawi. it always caught my breath for such a long moment, admiring such beautiful creations of god, changes as every second went past, with the effect of light that differs for every moment. the hues and all. aahhhh, now i want to take pictures.

in conclusion, passion won't go anywhere unless you have the will to keep it going, making efforts and all those uninteresting things follow all the way.

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