Tuesday, January 13, 2009

forget or just ...

despite my previous post, what i did totally contradict to wht i meant to brace myself to.

i intended to cut down my expenditure and save aside as much as i could. the most important is to avoid purchasing product which could lead to my muslim sisters and brothers demises-u know what i mean. however, for the last few days, i spent much more than i usually do. up to now, i've used more than half of my scholarship for the month and it hasn;t even been 15th of january yet. oh my... finance management : failed

from now until my Final exam, only 35 days left (i guess) and i sure did not make full use of the time i got before. on top of that, now that i've found a new obsession, i would waste much of my time to feed it. hazardous happiness i could say? hahaha.... talking about my studies, my motivation fades and i no longer have the same enthuasism towards it like i had before. i wonder why? i know i had no choice but to do it, but i just don't want to do it, the interest is just barely there anymore. this seems so chronic now... now, what should i do to fix this?

just another meaningless rambles

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