Monday, January 19, 2009


there're a lot of things i'm grateful of today:

  • i managed to fast today, i woke up early and had the chance to have my sahur. alhamdulillah
  • i could see the whole form of our robot, alhamdulillah
  • i had a great fun and laughter during english class today, thanks to my entertaining friends, alhamdulillah
  • i got a hold of a camera and got to take many pictures, alhamdulillah
  • i got to read my favourite band's blog and actually understood it, alhamdulillah
  • for my iftar, i had a nice 1901's hotdog, alhamdulillah
  • i was tired after school but the sleep refreshed me a bit, alhamdulillah
  • so far, i managed to keep my hands off my notebook, alhamdulillah
  • i ate tasty gardenia's butterscotch bread, i mean, it's really really tasty. alhamdulillah

well, a lot happened

even little things can make someone happy. alhamdulillah Allah has granted me this peaceful life. i really wish my brothers ad sisters over there could gain peace again and could enjoy happiness just like how i do. please let them be safe with their beloved family and friends. ya Allah, please bless those countless souls that had perished in fighting in your path. amin~

as for tonite, we had chemistry session. a time to revise back all what we learnt in chemistry which mostly i slept in. alhamdulillah, our batch made an effort to help all of us, to help people like me. i love them.


btw, there's a few of articles that i read today and greatly caught my attention, again with the issue of palestine, we should know more, let ourselves out of sea of ignorance. open our eyes! <--- we might also be like hitler, a person that generalizes other people.... who knows.


zaty said...

yeah syukur~~

sakura_heart said...

alhamdulilah iman...
nk gak kamera..
tp mcm xsmpi hajat jek...
ganbatte kimatsu..
dila ngah kimatsu sem ni...