Tuesday, January 20, 2009

mou shippaishita

defeeat in just less than 2 days.

i'm already face to face with my beloved notebook.


just that it was to avoid me from sleeping after asar and it resulted to this

a bit pleased though to get to read what i wanted. oh, and only today i knew the word たくさん has kanji. well, it made me wondering too when reading it all these time .

and unexpectedly, a new release of kuroshitsuji was out. yappari, sebastian is as charming as ever.

to what happened in gaza, hope there'll be better progress. they've received too much damage and too much lives lost. however, as i read some news about those who syaheed, "oh, how beautiful is that" was what ran through my mind. i also have this little hope so that my death would be as a syaheed too.... amin~

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Tess said...

Think of those who lives. It's harder on the one who's living. A lot of them will be suffering from PTSD, depression, physical brain injury, other psychological disorders, as well as, the obvious physical injury. People don't pay enough attention to the long term psychological effects to people affected by war or other calamities. These people need more than just medical help on their physical injuries, these people need more than just food, shelther, and education to help them to rebuild their lives. They also need psychological help, therapy, and social support so these experience would not haunt them all their lives. If you really want to help, then spread awareness on psychological health.