Sunday, January 18, 2009

now, that's it

for the whole day, i managed to waste it for near nothing

should i ban myself from this comp?

i really want to be serious now.

please<--i'm begging to myself here

or else i'll be jeopardizing my life, that is if i flung for this coming exam-30 days away, not only me who would be in despair.

ok, from here on, i'm hoping to take a break from this time-consuming net using thingy

....but there's something i want to read every each day, it can improve my nihongo no?

and also, i haven't started on my PAI assignment. i need to use winword.


declaration of an undetermined hiatus. by no means am i allowed to waste time on my notebook at least until i'm done with the exam.
or so i hope it to be

ya allah the mighty, grant me strength, grant me power to fight with this my own bad side. please don't let those satan's ceaseless whispers sway me away from what i am supposed to do. please grant me a strong will to resist any temptations that appear before me. and also patience in enduring the difficulties and hardships in pursuing my goal. please grant me a heart that's consistent in giving out the efforts in order to reach where i want to be. only to you can i ask.
for my suffering and tormented brothers and sisters around the world, please save them. they also want to live as much as i do. they want to see this holy religion to stand up right more than anyone, that's why they fight. please bless their effort, and give them relief in this time of distress. send them help and let them retrieve what has always been rightfully theirs.bless their souls that had perished.

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