Wednesday, January 7, 2009

what can i do for now

Terkini : Zionis Israel guna fosforus putih yang diharamkan. - 07-Jan-2009
Haneyya : Kesal negara Arab masih merujuk kepada UN. - 07-Jan-2009
Terkini : 10 tentera rejim Zionis mati , 30 cedera di tangan Brigade Qassam. - 06-Jan-2009
Zionis-Israel Bakal Menerima Kejutan. - 06-Jan-2009

a wake up call
for us who are still in a loll
countless had perished
while we enjoy in lavish
drunk in joy and laughter
all they could do is to suffer
pelting bombs, splattering blood
staining their homeland of every part
so, why the hell am i idling here?
to get more aggravating news to my ears?
my brothers and sisters are fighting and dying
in the midst of this endless conflict, they are struggling,
ya Allah, grant them strength, grant them power
to fight every heartless soldiers that they encounter
let the victory be finally in their hands
as they have given their might to see all of these end
my prayers will always be by their side
may they retrieve what had forever been their right
the sacred land of palestine....

while wondering just what i can do here, to alleaviate even a lil bit of their pain, to at least care, i came upon these:

minna, ganbarou~! put our hearts together!

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