Saturday, October 3, 2009

a week digest

though i kept bragging that i got the whole week off while everyone else has returned to their everyday routine after the eid, there was practically not much that i had done in that time. it's quite frustrating coz it's not an often thing that we have such a holiday. but then, i could not do much as i could not move around as i like.

but i guess, i have something to remember for each day that had passed for this week.

monday - i went to safiyyah's house. finally met her after so long. her lil bro was once so little has now so grown up and sooo cute. nevertheless, so chicky.

tuesday - my parents were not home during dinner so i went out with my bro to eat out. it was carl's jr. to his disappointment, it's not as big as he expected and even i could actually finish it. somehow it felt a lot bigger when i had it first time before. my verdict, it felt so big coz i was there while hanging out with my friends, well if i go for the sake of eating alone, it's certainly not a big deal to finish it.
and i bought 2 dvd and watched both of them that same night. sassy girl sure makes you laugh big time and truly the korean version has much more substance compared to the english adaptation. okuribito (the departure) sure is funny in its own way and has a deep story in it as well as an insight to a world less known to all of us-how they manage the dead bodies before cremating them. in one of the scene, it managed to make me greatly touched just by one line by the main actor, seriously, while i watched it alone in the middle of the night, i could feel tears (that's unlikely for me).

wednesday - went to Dila's makan-makan at the stable. was so excited to see the horses especially the bonzai ones. couldn't help to laugh my heart out to see it, it's so small compared to the other horses we used to see. and i find horses are not much different with cats when i stroke their heads, they get pretty 'manja'. thx rifqi for fetching me but still i had to admit, his driving is scary. :P

thursday - out of sheer hunger and sheer stupidity to cook by myself, i actually went all the way to the shops down the hill and back up here to buy some buns and drinks. it's been a long time i've done any exercise so i guess it was good for me in a way. undeniably, 2 weeks of holiday just lazing around are of no help but a negative factor to my losing weight plan.

friday- for the night, there was a wedding invitation at putrajaya, my childhood friend's sister. as usual, coz i don't know how to feed myself proper food for the day, i was expecting a satisfying dinner to suffice that. however, we was kinda late and we had to make do with whatever that's still available then. honestly, my glutton self was asking for more but there was no helping it. but thankfully, i got to meet 2 of my ex-schoolmates. everyone's so grown up now. and also the parents of a friend i've been lost contact for a long time. i'll try to give her a ring sometimes later.
and unexpectedly upon our return home, one of the cats at my house died, a run-over accident by my dad's car. i saw her final moments where not even a faintest cry could be heard while her body excruciatingly fought death . perhaps when she was hit, her vocal chords got damaged. today, the others cats were pretty quiet than usual.

saturday(TODAY) - frankly, i'm quite irritated now, explaining such a half-assed blog entry for the day. the thing was that i am supposed to go raya with my friends but i couldn't make it. like any 'janji melayu' would be, time is hardly ever be of concern. if only we went to the wedding much earlier or even be the first guest there and then go to kl when the road not yet that congested, probably we could reach home early and i can join my friends. such an irony that they were coming so close to here but i'm not even available at home. and i haven't met with faseeha yet even when our houses are not so much apart(by car that is). truly, i really2 wanted to go.

and another thing that makes me on edge the most is that now, i can no longer read kazuki's everyday rambles on their blog, which i've been reading for every single day since early this year. it really entertains me in the same time helps me in my nihongo. as far as i know, now flumpool's fanclub has been officially launched, the access is to the members only which are off-limit to me coz i'm not living in nihon obviously. this is not fair! i'm a die-hard flumpool's fan too. how i desire for this self to already be in nihon right now.

and for tomorrow, the last day of the week, i hate to say it but i have face it after all, i have to return to shah alam and prepare for the new semester. i'm still haven't gotten into the mood.


reefqi said...

whaaatt?? my driving is scary??
how could u.. haha~

snylo said...


hahaha, x caya, tny bota

aaa, ku x percaya kiter dh nk start kelas...