Thursday, October 22, 2009

sleepiness's a disease

urm, though my sleeping in class has become somewhat a usual sight, for today, i received quite a frank comment from my sensei.


well, couldn't really escape from being that embarassed whenever ur sensei just plainly note in front of the class how u slept, mimicking it...

can't help it, due to this cold i have along with the runny nose, it's normal to breathe orally rite, well, tht's practically a no-no thing to do if u're asleep-especially in class... enough of that

at least, i didn't sleep at all during 1 hour and half of our recorded class :D (so very proud of this), i've told this before, this sensei can be quite amusing to watch. or is it because today's content was not that hard? it was something we've learnt anyway


actually, today is quite bitter for me. well, not that anyone cares but today, flumpool performs at budoukan!!! it's a big thing, in nihon that is. it's the first time i've ever felt like really really really want to watch a performance live. in this case, of coz i have absolutely no way to ever attend this big event :'( they're fabulous performers from what i've heard so it really tears my heart apart not being able to. now, i really wish they would at least make it into a dvd or whatsoever so i could also watch it later (well, can't help it i can't watch it live now)


daijoubu, ato 2nen dekiru deshou, jaa ganbarimashou!!!

and for this runny nose of mine, i've got myself a remedy, straight from the pharmacy. huhuhu, never thought those 7 cute pills would cost me that much though..... my wallet's becoming thinner at such a fast pace now

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