Monday, October 5, 2009

mou gakkou?

oh yea, our school officially starts as of today!!!

a good thing? that might differs to individuals

whatever it is, today we are pelted with all the learning stuff after a long while. i did see that coming but it is still shocking with this current state of mind. yea, my mind is still comfortably in the idle mood. but yeah, reality is reality, it won't go no matter how many times i try to escape to my fantasy.

in reality, there's physics, there's math, there's c language, there is nihongo-the difficult stuff, the appalling and appealing ones.

those are the ones i was to confront for the day, not including the others which is sure coming to me in the rest of the week.

but i'm sure looking forward to my chemistry class again after so long. hehehe

and, this time too, we have new TAs coming here. (for non-JAD students, TA is Teacher Assistant, they are master students who came here to aid the lecturers handle the classes/labs as well as our place to practise japanese as they live at the same place as us). the funny thing is, yesterday when everyone just got back here with lots of food from home, we also invited 2 of them to join the feast with us. with the only restaurant unopened, they came with empty stomach i guess. so, just imagine how excited they were to be able to eat the various raya food. what made it so funny is of course we had to explain each and every food served, but then we are out of words. looks like our nihongo just has gone away with the long holiday we had. misuse of words are just so plenty that made it so hard to make them understand what we were actually explaining. anyhow, they enjoyed the food very much, glad that they did.

hope they get a good first MH, as MAS promotes it, MH is Malaysian Hospitality.


but, me still being me, just love to immerse myself in my fantasy where i could smile, being pleased all the way. currently, i'm so into this song (in one of my previous posts, i've embedded the prologue to it, so this is the full song). b4, i've said they might sneak into my favourites, yes, they've done it.


akucun said...

do you like chemistry subject the most?
chemistry is my fav subject :D
i think most girls like chemistry the most huhu~

back in malaysia i once had to give hospitality to korean students who came to malaysia
it was so funny remebering it as my korean language is super limited that time (currently not much better though xD)

weaver sounds as cool as flumpool!
but the vocalist is not as ikemen as ryuta xD

snylo said...

hahaha, about the chemistry subject, i guess only those in my programme know why i'm looking forward to it...
though the fact is that chemistry is never my fav subject ever since high school as i can hardly score in it and sleep most of the class....

hehehe, u can figure out the reason if u imagine it's 33-yr-old ryuta teaching in front XD

um, i had to admit weaver got no such ikemen like ryuta for their vocalist but this song just struck into me i can't help but to love it :D

akucun said...

you mean your sensei is 'an' ikemen??
lucky if it's true!
my sonsengnims are all women TT.TT lol