Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the repulsive force

this sem, our physics' class are mainly centered on electric stuff. the electrons and all. well, like we won't be writing down F=ma for a while now though i guess quite everything is derived from there.

and one of the things we have to remember is that the electrons attract and repels. the opposites attract, whereas the likes repel.

so, here what i'm trying to say is, do myself and my stuff have the same charges?

it seems like things like to disappear from me, like we're repulsive of each other. that's exactly what makes me so irritated for the moment.

this year alone, i've lost 2 cameras.

oh yea, the second one cost me. so now, i exactly understand the feeling of losing something you get on your own effort.

it's frustrating.

but there are hardly anything i could do now other than just 'pasrah' for it. a part was my own fault too after all.

however, what makes me pissed off the most would be the fact that i am no more able to take pictures, coz that exact device is somehow can be regarded as my diary. taking a line from a manga i liked, taking pictures is the same as 'creating memories'. it's very nice to flip over the pages of the past in a while right? reminiscing those happy2 moments can make us go on when the present is not as pleasant as you expected it to be.....

coz humans brain is not being used to its optimum, memories can be so not long-lasting and patheticly unreliable. it can just disappear the moment you got ur attention caught on somewhere else.

for the moment, i just got to make do by salvaging others camera for memories like this, :D(me n mami-san got matching colour!!)

buy a new one? ..........certainly the circumstance does not allow me to at the moment
well, to say so, now i'm not even in one where i should blog, oh yabai, i never repent it seems. shukudai, report, dun stare at me with those eyes~~


akucun said...

lost 2 cameras in a year? o.O
how did you lost them?

is that your sensei?

snylo said...

how?? by my own carelessness i guess.
the first one was when i forgot abt it at the cafeteria. when i remembered abt it, quite an hour has passsed and of coz there's no sign of it anywhere...

the recent one is when i accidentally left it under my desk in class before returning home on friday. this time, i didn't expect high and certainly it wasn't there when i returned to the class in monday morning.... and i've only used it fot less than 10 month bought from my senpai at more rm200(2nd hand mah) using my own money..

oh, tht's not my sensei, she's our TA(teaching assistant who's gonna be with us until feb)

akucun said...

mst sedih+geram en