Thursday, October 8, 2009

didn't see that one coming

honestly, this post is just stuff that're running through my mind at the moment.

well, today, we had an early leave, compared to the other day of the week. our class ended at 3.30. in fact we practically only had 2 class for today, one of which is laboratory that only consumed half of the time it's allocated for. an hour and half of wasting time followed afterwards.

but then, today i guess my mind is mainly occupied by something which bothered me so much. i'm really sorry i couldn't handle things well. everything's quite messed up in my world. so, i'm sorry again if that troubles others. but in a way, beside my worries, i'm quite pleased with the situation. that's unexpected.

thanks, my friends!

but still, no matter how much, i still want to apologize to someone precious whose heart i'm afraid i've hurt. i dunno why but i sort of like understand if i were to view from her perspective. probably i'll be the same if i'm in her shoe. ok. voicing out not an easy thing, so i don't blame you when i didn't notice that you're in fact bothered.

and then, another thing suddenly came to me when i least expected it. it's been a long time i've been irritated by not being able to use the electronic dictionary that could write kanji like i used to. i just bear with it, consoling myself i could get myself a better one later, especially when i already at nihon (amin~~). somehow, today the talk of electronic dictionary came up, leading me to search around on the net.

and i found it.
an affordable one with all the contents i need without all those unnecessary stuff. and it looks like it'll be useful for a long time.

ok! mou kimeta. sore wo te ni ireru koto ni suruyo! senpai, yoroshiku onegaishimasu~~

so, now i'm welcoming for tomorrow yet not having even done any of the works i got from my beloved senseis. later ka na...

procrastination is one's best friend?

oh yea, everyone's welcomed to my house tomorrow nite. dun be shy2 cat la....

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