Sunday, October 25, 2009

useless evasion + anticipation

i don't like saying it like this, but it seems i'm so always quite in trouble that i create by myself. and thus, panic follows.

honestly, so many obligations that i have but this lazy self just continues its vain effort of denying them all. gosh, i've promised myself i would be a better person, what more now i'm already in sem 2 of my 2nd year in jad. i'm already halfway to my target to fly to nihon.

alas, the thing i constantly fear happens.

is this what they say "history repeats itself"??

i had already felt so sluggish even in the first week since sem2 started. and it doesn't change much it has now turned to week 4 already. yes, almost a month. yes, supposed there's already a lot i should have learnt and carved those into my mind. yes, in this kind of time, the quizzes and tests follow to appear to put all of those in check. but then,i still am so comfortable of being idle, doing nothing. little do i care about the classes and all. am i qualified to be considered as humans? humans have their own useful functions, rite?

i'm quite petrified with the thoughts of having tests (this coming week, i'm doomed with the zairyou and jouhou shori having test one after another, and my dread towards c language still haven't come to its end) , but still this body responds so little to make an approach to overcome all that. like how my heart still yearns more to feed my current obsession. my eyes seem to refuse meeting those stuff i'm originally supposed to confront with. my fingers constantly dance on this black keyboard like how i'm doing it now and my back prefers to be lying down being so cozy. ああ、どうすれば良い??

let's take it one by one for the moment. ganbarimasu!! and yes, i just like to embed videos in my post, so here i present, "sakebe"!! for the sole reason of the shared line in the song and my post today-"history repeats itself" :P

_____++if you perhaps are thinking, eh, this kid hasn't ended the post yet? yup, somehow i ended up so long, if u treasure your time, feel free to use it for somewhere else useful, as how bad i felt stealing ur time for such crap, amidst this excitement, i myself felt bad wasting my time away ++______

so, along with all those vain denial, i am also overwhelmed by sheer anticipation. 1st would be as i had stated before where i finally found what i need/want. though it was with some objections but for such a thing when i feel it's more profitable just to get it, even it'll cost me, i'll go for it. there goes a part of my saving for my new jisho! so now, what's left is to patiently wait it to arrive here :D

and 2ndly, this too would cost me but definitely i won't miss this chance. i was so extremely ecstatic to receive the news of the release of the full album from none other but my favourite japanese band, flumpool!! this is apparently their first time releasing a full one, even the previous one was a mini album as it only contained a number of songs(which i listen to by getting it from widely-used means - internet). what made me more delightful is the surprisingly affordable price they would sell it. zettaini, chanto te ni ireruyo!! well, there is still a while until the awaited release day, but i'm so inpatient now. hope this one will cover the dejection of not being able to fulfill my desire of watching them live.

un, as the previous one, they never fail to create such an attention grabber as the cover. this one somehow makes me feel like pinching those chubby cheeks~~

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