Thursday, October 15, 2009

long-distance, supernova

it's like i always miss out writing down things that plausibly be the most memorable moments i ever have but certainly i'll say, this year's raya was a blast.

definitely, it was quite unexpected but all the way through, how we ended up having a convoy and everyone's having fun can hardly be forgotten. i can't express enough gratitude to all my friends who made all that happen, i'm so happy it all beyond words. thanks for all who came to my house last friday, altogether in 9 cars. glad u're all so pleased. sorry there wasn't enough satay for all of you anyway. but still, thanks! and for the convoy the next day, i would say, it was entirely fabulous and exciting! especially thanks to izmier who gave me a ride on his car, truly thank you for driving carefully instead of scaring me :P. one thing i would laugh each time remembering this would be the scene of a row of cars with 'P' driving down the road... hahaha, what a wonderful convoy that certainly was. (now i sound like yoda)

the whole members of the convoy who were packed in all the 8 cars

well, everything else aside, u just can guess how this food-lover self stuff herself up that day. from now, diet ka naa..

so, as for the title for this post, they're absolutely 2 different things entirely. firstly, today, for the 1st time for this semester, we had our 'long-distance class'. honestly, before it started, i was already appalled to attending the class (it's not like i had to choice not to) as i remembered the way we had it last sem. it apparently could be the most boring class thanks to the nature of the class where we only stare at the monitor listening to whatever the sensei is teaching in it, accompanied by the slides. no 2-way interactions or whatsoever, hardly any break for more than an hour long lecture. certainly there's no way i could stand such a thing, what more, even the contents make little effort in attracting me to the class.

however today, as we entered the class, when i expected it was gonna be a 'real time'-sort of live video conference for today is our first class, we were served straight to the contents-the recorded video. i could only say i was instantly filled with all the negative feelings, please, spare me from this. but then, once it started, no image of the sensei, his voice could be heard but only the front page of the powerpoint slide could be seen on screen.

"oops, i forgot to turn on the camera"

he's funny.

certainly, this time we get a different sensei for this, well, they're different subjects. though this time, he do not greet us 'selamat petang' at the beginning of the video, but i found him more amusing and enjoyable to listen to. at first look, he's quite young and energetic too. the way he kept addressing us in the lecture made me quite attentive to what he's saying. but when he says "i'll talk a bit slower for the sake of the malaysian students who are watching this lecture, so i'm sure a lot of you(the japanese students attending his lecture over there) would be so sleepy". well, one thing i could be so certain is there will be absolutely a lot more who sleep during that class over here compared to the students in front of him for the lecture. can't help it, no matter how interesting he could be.

so, obviously this sleepyhead me had her slumber moments too today even just for a while.

this is absolutely another matter, but i guess happiness do spread, isn't it? for some particular reason, one of my friends is so elated today, she's leaping so high in the sky. i'm so happy to see her that happy. how a single phone call could make her so jovial, now i'm daydreaming if only on my birthday, ryuuta would call me to wish 'happy birthday' to me....... ^-^ i guess that could make me in extreme bliss, i would be extra motivated even in studying undeniably for a very very long time... talking about the impossibles here :P there's nothing wrong in dreaming, rite :D

so, amidst my obsession on flumpool, i guess i can't stop thinking and talking about them to those around me even though they have no clue to who these people are. they're just so adorable i can't stop this fascination, it just shoots up. when i introduced them to my japanese sensei, so happy she likes them too, but i guess people's taste are different. perhaps, matured women prefer matured looking men instead of such adorable face like ryuuta. :D :D (totally how i like it though) then, as for the music, she did mention how flumpool's music totally suits the taste for those who favours 'mr. children' and 'bump of chicken'. indeed, i like mr. children's song but for the latter group, i've only ever heard of the name but didn't quite listen to them, so today, when i finally checked them out, oh yeah, my sensei's right. here's supernova

but certainly, this can't defeat my love for flumpool, in comparison, flumpool has this style of music which really makes me listen to their song over n over, together with both ryuuta's mellifluous voice and charming look. well, the other members are equally attractive too (hahaha, so obvious i'm so obsessed with flumpool now). but for a change of pace, i wouldn't mind listening to this other band too. just means i've just added another into my favourite list, oh please, stop this craziness.....


eD said...


そういえば、高津先生はMr Childrenが好き。確かに。

snylo said...

un, mata shibaura daigaku... miyoshi-sensei if i'm not mistaken...

i've heard abt that too, definitely mr. children has some great songs

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ms dgr suara sensei tuh,ingat nishi sensei lg,huahuahuaT.T tidak ke rumah kamu,haha