Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pain is there to make u remember of Him

熱が出たりすると 気付くんだ 僕には体があるって事
鼻が詰まったりすると 解るんだ 今まで呼吸をしていた事

when I come down with a fever I notice that I've got a body
when my nose gets stuffed up I understand that I've been breathing all this time

do i have to embed the same video again? those were the 1st 2 lines of Supernova (as embedded in my previous post-just scroll down there, listen if u're that free, it's truly a nice one)

yes, i'm caught with cold, and i'm so troubled with this runny nose of mine

but still, today's futsal was exciting!! the sweat? no need to mention.... at the moment, i'm just plain lethargic but still the procrastinated works just stare at me........ now if only i've done it earlier

"'mungkin' itu dah x ada (bagi perkara yang dah berlalu), 'mungkin' itu hanya wujud bagi mereka yang x bersyukur apa yang ada di depan mata"
-one of the touching lines from 'Papadom'-i'll surely talk about this interesting movie in my future post

so now, ciou

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