Monday, June 1, 2009

forgive me when i whine

"Indahnya karya agung ciptaan Allah~!"

i was astonished when a friend of mine used the phrase when describing one of the wonderful creations of Allah - a physical look of a man. yeah, unmistakably, we are lucky to have someone as good-looking around us, what more, he's our beloved sensei who made the complicated Chemistry seems more bearable to go through. :D :D. subhanallah~
at least, i sleep less during his class. i still had to work hard in getting the gist of the lesson everytime though.

thank you Allah, you give me this perfect pair of eyes so i could delight in all these beautiful sights you bestow us.

aside from that, my recent discovery that really made me take a liking to was indeed a voice of man-surely the greatest of Allah's creation. it's hard to describe, but i really find that particular voice of that person is warm and mesmerizing. no wonder he's an actor (well, if i'm not a drama-addict, i don't think i'll find him).

thank you Allah, you give me this perfect pair of ears so i could be amused by the various sounds you fill this world.

and now, i currently put on this 'bedak sejuk' which surely has its own unique smell once you dab it on your skin. i won't say i hate it but i'm glad i still am able to smell. if not, the chocolate cake i had and big apple doughnuts i bought yesterday won't be any different. with smell too, i know which food has gone bad or not. and even the smell of air prior to when it rains. and the leather scent on my wallet which always makes me feel good as well.

thank you Allah, you give me this wonderful nose so every piece of my life and memories are made distinct with the numerous smells that accompany.

like how i just mentioned long before, rather than verbal communication, i greatly fond more on the physical contacts that connects people. you see, when you touch, it means even more. naturally, some sense of security comes in and you feel good. it might be from the warmth that get transferred over of simply from the delicateness of the others' skin when you stroke through. it's so sensational. oh my, now i feel like hugging.

thank you Allah, you give me this amazing suit of skin i could feel very secured and to be able to touch and to frolic on so many textures of this earth and all the stuff located on it.

and above all, i couldn't deny how food has become the major part of the contributors to my daily happiness. i could be content after helping myself to a good, nice meal, be it home-cooked or even from packaged food. when people say happiness is contagious, well, of course when you could share with others. in fact, the more, the merrier. and not to forget, how this sweet-tooth me would be extremely pleased whenever i could gorge on fine bar of chocolate. that's just heavenly.

thank you Allah, you give me this astounding tongue so could indulge in so many mouth-watering delicacies that makes living much more marvelous.

now i realized, i have so much of these wonderful things i could be pleased and to learn from. so, there is no reason to get all depressed like how i did at most times. ne? --i failed to embed it somehow

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