Sunday, June 21, 2009


frankly, i'll say i'm quite senseless in term of music... never learnt a thing about it, never had an inclination towards it... even in learning, i'm not that strong in auditory, i guess i'm more of a visual and kinesthetic type of person. but i know, music is a form of art, it's a thing that makes people enjoy... and thanks to that, i enjoy listening to music. though i know little what distinguish each of the numerous kinds it encompasses of.

and now, for some reason, i'm absolutely absorbed in a band that had made music as their pursuit in life. yes, as some people might have known, it's none other than a newly rising japanese band, flumpool. well, they've started as indie band long way back but i'd say new coz they just debuted less than a year ago. as for me, i only started to knew them when i was fascinated by the theme song a dorama i watched back then in october (i'm a drama-addict). it naturally aroused my interest in finding out just who sang it and instantly i've become their fan. indeed, they do sing songs just how i like it. and, unmistakably their appearance also became a big factor in me adoring them, a lot.

and since then, i could say, their songs always blast in my ear (well, i do know respecting the public harmony, so the earphones always stuck up here) and i'm really excited in knowing their latest updates and progress. i do have abundant of others in my playlist too, but rarely i would bother about the artist. honestly, i had never been such a fan, let alone to like a specific artist continuously for a long time. it;s just that, somehow they captivates me. i would be very pleased for each of the new song they came up until now. i know they might not be that great of a band, not yet, but i like them for what they have presented so far. and also, thanks to one of the members who would not fail to update their blog, i'm happy to know what's they've been up to, how they have grown up. and also, i could practise my nihongo in a way i really enjoy :D

and by following their news, i'm also happy as a fan, when they've made such amazing progress, realizing their dreams. congrats, even barely a year after they debuted, they've made it to budokan. of course, it is no easy course. when i see they've made this far, more than i love them as a fan, i can't ever be more impressed, i can hardly contain this admiration. i admire their will and efforts, how they straight on doing what they've set their hearts to. somehow, i question myself, just why cant i be as spirited as them? i have my own dream too, my own mission to be cleared, but i doubt this self have given off all it could. i'm on this way to becoming a person whom anyone would acknowledge, a prestigious engineer i could ever be (well, if not, why would i study engineering). however, it's so easy to lose focus. i don't know why but this self is so weak against temptations. again, i would question myself again, "if flumpool could give out such efforts that yield such amazing result, just why couldn't i do the same?" they're homo sapien too, the same as me, rite?

now, i feel like thinking "i'm not gonna lose to them!"

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