Sunday, May 31, 2009

mata ne!

as most cliched phrase would be: "time flies"

without me realizing it or not, it's already the end of May.

few weeks away from my Final

and, our current Teaching Assistant (TA)s are already back to nihon.

it's was only for a short duration this time but somehow, even though i barely spoke to them when they first arrived and only get together when they nearly return to nihon, i think i'm liking them. well, they are nice people.

but i think it's a pity i am still not fully proficient in nihongo, or else i could chat with them even more and share more interesting stuff. they are more experienced after all, i mean about alot of stuff, like school and courses, and more simply life in nihon. now, my desire to go there has catapulted much higher. it was enjoyable even with the limited communication i could do by far.

yoshh, korekaramo, ganbaruyo!!!


oh yeah, on the day this picture was taken, it was also my first time playing in an arcade centre in my nearly 19 years i've been living. and an absolute thanks to Akiko again, she let me taste for the first time, the so-tasty ice-cream i've ever eaten at Sunway. ありがとう!!

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