Thursday, June 11, 2009

mada mada da

suddenly i realized,

i could be such a pathetic pessimist at most times.....

i wonder why?

yes, the world's a complicated set of things of which most parts i could never comprehend, but it can't possibly be that hard like how i always imagine it to be... like how i feel this self can't belong to where i want most to be, like how i feel everything's desirable are out of reach, and like how i feel.....

it can't be like that, right?

now, am i a pessimist or optimist?

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Tess said...

being pessimistic is not bad. it helps you to graps reality. People who are too optimistic tend to have high expectation in life. But in a lot of cases your dream will be crushed. People who are pessimistic would handle it better than those who are optimistic. However, there's no help if you're pathetic :-p