Wednesday, June 17, 2009

does it matter?

well, we've learnt from physics class, when there is action, there's reaction - the 3rd law of motion

or i like it more to remember it by sayou-hansayou (作用反作用) -sounds a bit like 'penjual sayur :P

well, the thing is when we are expecting a thing to magically occur, that's unlikely to happen, right? but the problem lies when to initiate a thing (the 1st action), it definitely requires if not much, quite an amount of courage from inside....

if i could come up with excuses, it would be the matter of timing, or just it's not meant to be...

but in the end, i know, it's the courage that i'm lacking.............

life's such a complicated thing to comprehend, or is it because it's just my own view that's so much distorted?

+another meaningless mumblings by a girl who knows little how to express her own feeling+

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