Saturday, June 6, 2009

over a hurdle

yes, my booster of motivation, now the above image is my notebook wallpaper. unmistakeably, countless hurdles have to be jumped over in order to get there.

indeed, i can't deny, the past week was arduous! among of all the weeks we've gone through up to now. i mean, with so much deadlines to meet and all. we were pretty beaten up.

but then, that's more of the reason for 'rejuvenating'!!! with that said, once the last class of the week finished, we headed home, feeling like a heavy load off our back here. such a relief! and then we decided. instead of the usual cooking routine, it's the time to treat ourselves for more. yes, we went to Sunway just for the sake of dinner! it's a pity it was not the whole 5 of us as Lia had already another plan so it was only me, syifaa', syara and Ecah.

mode of transportation: cab. it was kinda frustrating as the fare we were made to pay was rm15 while the metre was clearly displaying an absolute value that is even less than rm10. now, that's what we call unwise cheating. if it's not on, i won't feel that bad. but still, for the sake of day, i guess we would just let that slide by.

so, we went in. the air-cond sure as chilly as usual but comfortable. pondering on where to have our hearty meal was tough. it's the night where we have to enjoy fully. it's not like we can always have such night to just freely go out and eat just because we desire it. so, we go round and round. ooops, some deviated path we had there when a sale came into view but then immediately we re main composed and focused on purpose of the night. more walking and finally we came to a word. quite unexpected in my part, we resorted to 'Ichiban Ramen'. okay, honestly said, that's quite a first time of me having ramen.

my takushoku

the ramen was maa-maa or more frankly, to consider that menu again in future won't likely be in my options. but still, it's a nite out so, no matter what, i guess why don't i just enjoy it regardless of what i had. thanks to that optimistic side of me. nonetheless, we enjoyed eating there, lots of pictures taken and the following is my favourite

and surely enough, once we were over with our dinner, we went wild, taking pictures anywhere we find intersting. but somehow, only today i found out perhaps i set it somewhere not right, not exactly all the pictures came out beautiful. zannen da~. soredemo, until the shops lowered down their shop bars, we were still hanging around the aisle and having fun our own way.

and that's how we spend our most-awaited friday nite. yeah, like people say, the harder u have to push through, once u're done, the sweeter the moment'll be. now, if i watch the past week in this light, i'd be thankful for giving me such happiness in return. well, i have to thank my precious friends too for being such a wonderful companions regardless in what situations we were in. arigatou!!

nevertheless, iman being iman, after returning here, despite the persuasive sleepiness, what i did was straight to my beloved notebook. and then, i continue my indulgemnent in happiness. as always, kimura takuya never fail to pull off another astounding dorama for this pair of eyes to watch and for this simple mind to take pleasure in. his character in the new dorama is exciting with his weird personalities. a snapshot. ^_^

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