Monday, June 1, 2009

dear foolish me

it's just that i could hardly contain my happiness when i finally got to see the latest PV from my fav band, flumpool!!!

MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. ピカレスク~

certainly, i love this video. it's beautiful. different from before, the color tone used throughout the video matches perfectly with the mood of the song. what i like most is the starting of the song. it's just great and makes me want wonder how it follows. due to repeated listening to the song, i could hear it reverbrating in my mind already.

aside from that, as this song serves as the theme song for the movie adaptation of one of Tezuka Osamu's work, i can't help but to be really eager on watching the movie as well. it does have excellent line of actors of which i really favour Tamaki hiroshi since i first fancied him in Nodame Cantabile drama. while the drama portrays a more funny character, he stars as a scary antagonist in this movie. but so handsome :D. can't help it, i'm a girl who instantly get attracted to appealing opposite gender. though i never read the original work, i could see there's a great story packed in it with some fabulous actions that are tempting me to watch it.

but still, i don't think i could any sooner.

and so, back to my position, thanks to this, it just proved how vulnerable i am to any kind of distractions. what more, this time it's the things i love. oh my, i'm still left with mounting works to do. okay, yosh!!! ganbarou!!


zaty said...

love the first 42 seconds of the song,lol

snylo said...

of coz, as i mentioned, the starting of the song is fabulous!

but so is what follows after that~ ryuuta's voice is okay what. hahahaha

no matter what, i'm more in love now ^_^