Monday, June 15, 2009


we afraid of the things we couldn't see

we afraid of things we do not know

we afraid of insecurity

we afraid of being left in the low

yes, i am afraid

i am afraid of the oblivious me
whose next step would determine the next me
whose dream is still lost in the unknown

so, which path should i choose?

would i just be walking in circles or in wiggling lines
when my goal is still nowhere in sight?

please, let it be the moonlight
or even the streetlight
to shine the path which my heart can follow with all its might
where my body could strive even with all coming plights

i pray to you my Lord
guide me to where you know is the best
let me lead a life which would always be blessed
there's no one else i could depend on
please, ease this unrest soul.....

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