Saturday, May 2, 2009


it somehow feels weird when i'm spending the whole weekend stuck at home...

well, for what i had for the past few weekends, i've only been going out here and there, hardly had my time at home. so, if i recall what i had, it'll be like this:


weekend before returning to shah alam(saturday 30th of March):
went out with Wana to Times Square
went to cosmo, get thrilled on the rollercoaster, watched a movie and bought stuffed toys

weekend of the 1st week with no class:
(saturday 4th of april) went to klcc and spent the entire day in kinokinuya, i finished a whole novel then.
btw, as we had no class, i actually went out with Lia, to Times Square again on the previous thursday, watched movie, bought cloth, bought dvd.. felt really good shopping like this

the following weekend (saturday 11th of april):
my cousin's wedding - totemo kireina hito ni natta, how grooming could really transform a person
i got my baju kurung stained with coffee all over my back

and to the next one (saturday 18th of april):
went to the book fair with ecah. but before that, went to Times Square again to buy some dvd. bought more books later and squeezed in a sea of people.

to the last weekend of april (satuday 25th of april):
went out with syifaa', suki, ecah and her 2 kouhai (it's not like they're not our kouhai too though), really had fun at Times Square again, played bowling. wow, i actually scored 2nd highest among 6 of us who played. then we went on touring all the shops there were, and not enough, walked to sg. wang to search for more. someone was looking for a pair of shoes but sadly no result at the end. and as i was planning to head home afterwards, i went again to the book fair instead. i had to exchange the misprinted book i bought a week b4. but, to my utter disappointment, they no longer had the stock for it. after all the inconvenience i went through to go there again-shoving through the ever-more packed crowd, among the suffocating atmosphere i really detest. and i got nothing? felt like cursing but then i went to the gempakstarz booth and bought a full set of 'chocolat' manga. i really love it when i get to read from the beginning to the end without interruption.

and now i'm having my first weekend of may at home...

ashita, nani wo ryourishiyoukanaa.........

p/s:note how much Times Square had been in my weekend venues in the past month... hahaha, and i just read in newspaper that a new doughnut shop had just been opened. just why couldn't it open when i went there multiple of times...

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