Monday, May 25, 2009

i lost to numbers

it has been a while to cry over a test...

well, i got what i deserved..

for the 1st time i feel so troubled with math test. however, there's nothing i could do about it, it's entirely my fault anyway for being a complete sloth and barely doing any exercise despite knowing there would be a quiz.

yes, i won't be surprised if i got zero mark. yes, it's my fault.

sensei, i'm sorry

moral of the story: math definitely require exercises(a lot), though u think u know it, it won't stick in ur mind unless you do it over and over.

leaving that disappointment aside, i'm happy now i have saru-chan by my side... :P
sorry for not fixing you until now.

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farah shazana said...

i also lost to numbers.maths is hard and it's a bitter cliche.i didnt completely used my gdc(graphic display calculator) to assist me with the calculation.the devout calculator was actually used to calculate the presumed marks predicted by me,so i won't be having my jaw dropped with disappointment when the result is revealed.
that's exactly to emphasize on why i flunk my maths.
the fact is worse when you're taking maths higher level which i deem there ain't no level higher than that.
hence,i brand myself as a 'numericophobic'.