Thursday, May 21, 2009


yeah, it has been a while.....

so, to make it short, quite a lot happened. to briefly note what it was, it'll be like this:

-accidentally i watched a drama which i forbid myself from doing in weekdays. and i got extremely hooked to 'atashinchi no danshi'
-oh my, i find mukai osamu who plays the 3rd son in the drama so refreshing. (cair la tgk dier senyum :P)
-i'm overdose in listening to japanese song. the latest in my favourite is radwimps.
-the songs are sweet but sometimes i find the lyrics quite deviant
-i absolutely do not find programming enjoyable.
-i'm glad i'm in charge of setting up the circuit though i barely know how
-every monday i'll be like "ehhh, it's still monday??" but then without realizing it, "ehh, already over another week??" & "ehh, we've learnt this much, n we're gonna learn more??"
-i love eating lamb
-i have an abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment on observing what my lecturers (of coz the men) are wearing for the day. yeah, most of the times it entertains me much that i was saved from falling asleep mid-class.
-i'm a 'nonki' type of person
-it's so easy to kill time (yeah, like what i;m doing now, thinking how to write in this blog)
-i'm starting to hate the pimples which grow likemushroom on my face. and even one on my back
-suddenly i came to realization that students are meant to be cooped up under books, so that we understand
-oh yeah, surprised to know the TA didn't know about chokichoki after weeks they had arrived here

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