Thursday, May 28, 2009

some notes of craziness

we're 19 years olds, yet we played like little children and make a racket beside the lake

supposedly there're abundant of stuff to be done, the school stuff and all, yet i spent my time feeding my obsession on flumpool

and also get so enraptured over a voice of a male actor in a drama i accidentally watched - the result? continuous rally of dramas afterwards

to be able to fully indulge in food really does make one happy. it does matter on how you have it though, the more, the merrier! that is with people you hold dear.

negligence on my actual duties? i've fallen too deep.
should i ask for help? or should i endure the pain to get on track back again? the force that pulls down sure is tremendous i feel so choked up whenever i try to push my way up.

yeah, random ramblings again

if today supposed to be better than yesterday, what if the complete opposite happens? oh yeah, straight ahead to way of destruction? (oh my, today i'm so negative, astaghfirullah)

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