Wednesday, May 6, 2009

absence makes heart grow fonder?

i certainly think the above is true in a sense...

seconds ago, i just finished reading this article ( and it somehow made me think for a while.

indeed it was very very true that every parents worry about their children but when i think further, it's the distance that's the factor in keeping the relationship close.

i do witness my friends who won't miss calling home each day while i'm certainly not belonged in that group. in my case, i do call home, when the situation needs it, that is. that's not to say i don't particularly care about them, it's just how it works in my household. i may be categorized as a spoiled child (see, i'm not denying it) but it's enough to me to know they are safe and well. if they are in trouble, i'll know it fast enough, but still what can i even do then, giving my best wishes? but sure enough, when we are apart, it occurs to me from time to time to have them appear in my mind (rindu? not really la, but at such moments when u need help, suddenly u remember them). but the total opposite happens when i have them in sight everyday. see, some things will really get on your nerves and you can't run from it. and some detestments develop from time to time, it aggravates the longer being together. i don't think it's the same for everyone, but in my case, that's just what always happens. words just can hardly get through within us. yes, i guess it's always the communication problem. no one cares to spare time in actually understanding things from the other's perpective, something like that. well, who wants to change themselves when it's already comfortable just being so? so, it's just neverending.

but still, sure enough, i guess rather than verbal bonding which always fail in my case, i still love the power of touch. hahahaha. yea, i admit, i'm such a clingy type of person, so mengada2. well, there's nothing really wrong in that, right, and it's family we're talking about here, i'm their child by blood. so, though i always quarrel with them, making them mad, always spouting my dissatisfaction just about everything, complaining and grumbling, ceaselessly demanding for anything i desire, making my distance when i'm angry which is just so often, i still come back at times and get clingy to them (literally). maybe it's the effect of habit i had from little that i'm so used to be together, in fact when i was still a child, (well, i'm grown up now though the childish side of me still remains here) i slept together with them more often than not. so, you could imagine how touchy2 it was when the bed was to fit 3 people altogether. ok, this sounds embarassing, but who cares.

so, for the moment, it's always true when i can hardly see them, i long to meet them though it'll always be fights when we do. no words needed.

(hahaha, this post were meant to be of yesterday's, but i only finished it in this PC lab after doing my html exercise)


sakura_heart said...

iman,when you are still can see your parents..
embrace them as much as you can..
until one day,you want to hug them..
but,what u can do is just hugging their pictures..

Tess said...

hey li'l miss favorite child, remember we're the real life malcolm in the middle family. No one would understand us. But hey, we have exciting family dynamic and history compared to other mediocore family.

snylo said...

tasneem, yea, tht's the closest description that fits our family.. hahaha, malcolm in the middle, sure enough, we're in the middle...

but still, our family is great what, to be scattered around the world, even though we're the middle family... suddenly i want to thank our generous country in contributing to that :P

at least for now, i always return home, not like you... ok, you save the trouble of constantly getting nagged though