Thursday, April 30, 2009


Monday 20th of April '09
'kampung style'-taugeh, fried fish, fried mushroom, squid
beverage: orange cordial

Tuesday 21st of April '09
Rice porridge with kangkung
beverage: Ribena

Wednesday 23rd of April '09
Spaghetti with prego sauce
no beverage

Thursday 24th of April '09
pancake with sardine (addition of leftover spaghetti)
beverage: longan drink

Friday 25th of April '09
head chef on rest, cookings done by amateur - soft toufu(with overdose of oyster sauce), fried fish, taugeh, ladies finger
beverage: Ribena

and week of happiness follows........

Monday 27th of April '09
colourful veggie, fried fish, most importantly fried toufu
beverage: sarsi

Tuesday 28th of April '09
went simple - omelette, taugeh, canned mackerel
beverage: reddening 'sirap limau'

今日!29th of April '09
eager for leaving tbp in the following day- kangkung, ladies finger+tempeh, ikan sambal
beverage: sarsi

and for the first time ever, today i witnessed a person actually mixed the chopped up 'cili padi' (a whole lot of it) altogether with the rice.... oh my

now, am really looking forward for the next feast!!

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