Tuesday, February 2, 2010


as my main concern at the moment is the coming exam, an anxiety i possess as of now is that how can i fix my sleep hours before the the exam starts. i've been nocturnal since recently but it doesn't seem i use the whole night to any much benefit.

but, today, while i was trying to struggle through this whole jouhou tsushin report we have to hand in by this week, as usual, my concentration immediately deviated and my anticipation for the next episode of bloody monday led me to the discussion forum relating it. well, for the 1st one i watched last week, i was saved with the presence of subtitles-the japanese one coz english is yet to be available. for me who is hard to catch every single detail of what they're saying, that was truly helpful. i'm not originally much of an audio-type learner after all. so, while checking out for the sub for the next episode, there was a very interesting stuff brought up in the discussion. i discover a software that serves as a learning tool especially in learning language. (lame? not until u see the review).

now i feel programmers are really great.

this is great news to me, at least, for i am learning nihongo and can't deny it's quite difficult. roughly, this software is like a flashcard in your computer, but it possesses intelligence. as many theories state, repetition makes ur memory stays longer. this software called 'Anki' uses that as the key concept. okay, on top of that, i discover an accompanying software-subs2srs too where it ables you to save the lines from the movie/drama/anything u watch and make it part of the cards u have in Anki. interesting? i haven't read thru about the later software, but it's very appealing to me. to remind, i'm an avid watcher of dorama/anime, so i think why don't i just make full advantage of it? now, it won't be a complete waste to spend hours watching them when i can make it as part of my learning... hehehe i wonder how much vocab i can learn by watching 'bloody monday' alone. when i watched it last week, my understanding only extends as far as 60% i suppose.

so, there adds the thing i'm looking forward too once the exam ends. definitely worth it to give these a try.

but, iman, please, focus on your priority! .....but those are just irresistible. aren't they? what more, now the fore-mentioned 'bloody monday' really held me in surprise by its sudden development, i'm just urged to watch more.

p/s: recently i've been so active blogging, a clear evidence of my attempt to keep my distance from this dear notebook as a total vain. and today too i just read the manga of 'bloody monday' (straight to the 2nd installment, the 1st one is too long to read now) just because out of curiosity as to how the story differs to the drama adaptation. man, that's a whole lot different! the dorama made me shed tears.

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