Sunday, February 7, 2010

the Satans in delirium

perhaps, that's what happening as of this moment...

well, as i've mentioned before, i no longer want to blather in pessimistic voice nor have any negative tone while conveying my thoughts. so, here i just see things from different perspectives. if we change our view, certainly it would hardly ever be the same.

that's why i say satans must be choked in joy to see my situation now.

well, if they think they've got their victory,

i'm just gonna say, i won't give up!

hope it's not too late now..... it's still not too late rite? though the exam is only more or less 2 days from now

it's not too late, right?

it's not too late, right??

it's not too late, right???
hoping to be on hiatus from everything related to computer, but i know i shouldn't put much expectation to such hope.

btw, my happiness meter today gushed up for the following reason:


and today i also realized, i can dream so fast once i fell asleep (practically anywhere in any condition), though i cannot vividly remember about those dreams i had, i have a feeling the dreams have such great stories, the impression lasts even after i woke up, to a point i feel amazed with my own brain for constructing such a marvelous story.... it's such a waste i can't remember every each details, not even the characters present. if not, i can write my own novels, who knows

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Azizul aoi said...

yang kanan sekali tu mcm abang daniel,heheh.....