Saturday, February 13, 2010

grateful in vex

nto be in the midst of exam period is certainly distressing

but thanks to a 5 day interval we get between the papers, it gave us quite a time for a break from the tension.

and today, instead of cooped up in the room revising for the coming paper, i accompanied my friends to go out.

indeed i learn neither about math nor chemistry nor physics for the whole day, but i learned SOMETHING.

yes, something that's hardly be found in class.

but i know it's no doubt an important lesson, to properly be a human. all these while, i've been wondering if i've ever make someone else feel hurt unknowingly by my own actions or exactly what i do not, today i guess i could detect some moments of that.

that is, when you become the other party and feel it by yourself.

personally, i'd say i prefer to be open and honest, coz when u do not do so, the other person might feel offended. just like what i felt today. i mean, there's hardly anything else more miserable than being ignored.

it left you clueless.

if you're angry or mad, or have anything, just utter it! (okay, be kinder please in doing so if you could). otherwise, the other party wouldn't know, and above that, can't help but feeling guilty out of nothing. and that's where it turns sour, everything just feels awkward.

indeed, it's truly unpleasant with bad feelings continue to lurch in here, but i guess i ought to be grateful for this. this might just be my assumptions, but there are times where we get agitated with people, but rather than ignoring them, better to let the other person know so an understanding could be reached. that's what one would ask when being in the other person's shoes. at least, even if it's a situation tht's beyond fix, hearts that mutually connect always open for forgiveness right? it's hard to just feign a smile when you start to doubt each other.

so, here again, i would to apologize if any of my doings or not doings hurt anyone. to say, i'm quite dense and imperceptible in this intangible stuff. forgive me, yeah

anyway, today marks the last day for the TAs who have been with us for the past 4 months. i hope they got a pleasant experience over here and bring back with them sweet memories. sayonara to iu ka, mata ne~


zaty said...

cute gler yu!

snylo said...

itu cute? hahaha, just the other day, i told him how he wears that same exact face in any photo he's in

i like his smiling face more XD

zaty said...

haha I ada kot gmbr yu tgh sengih~:)
ryota amik ms kt uti