Monday, February 8, 2010

it's 9 inches, not 9 slices

try to imagine if they really regularly divide the pizza into 9

poor the one that's holding the knife, wondering how to cut it, how to make a 40degree angle segments

so, my friends, for a 9-inch regular pizza, there's only 6 slices in it

and today, we got 12 slices of them

not surprisingly, those 2 regular pizza were hardly enough for all 4 of us

nonetheless, it was quite a feast. ohh, so fluffy and puffy the crust. and scrumptious the toppings. no doubt, olive and capsicum and meat just go together. pineapple's a delight too, yummy! and the surcharge worth it for the puffcrust we ordered, totally love it. though i could see how much oil=fat it must've contained.

yeah, definitely gonna have a treat like this again! domino's, wait for my next order~

so, the stomach is now satiated,  gush up, my spirit!! we barely have any more day left till the exam start. enough with  all these nonsense, and get serious!

p/s:can't forget the face Lia put up upon receiving our delivery, well, obviously she's overwhelmed, but it's also because the pizzaboy's good-looking, or so she said XP

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