Monday, August 24, 2009

when 3 mech students meet

up till now, i feel like laughing out loud remembering what happened few days ago

more precisely, the day before ramadhan starts. the last school day of the week.

first of all, i was shocked by the sudden announcement of a test that afternoon. indeed, our sensei did give a hint but we just ignored that perfectly assuming there'll be no test or whatsoever. but then, there really was a test.
desperately, we revised what we've learnt for the week. as expected, i can't remember much (it's not a subject that requires remembering though, but still) yes, mechanics is really an interesting subject to learn.

and, out of overwhelming anticipation to receiving my dvd, i was unrest for not receiving any news from my friend, Rai regarding it. so, i called her straightforward(Rai was the one who supposed to hand me the dvd). aaa, waiting just makes me suffer. and to my surprise, she was actually meeting my senpai (the one i ordered the dvd from) on that really afternoon!! that time, that was just near cursings as to just why the heck do i have class that afternoon, and a test at that.

and then, he called.

yeay, somehow, rather unplanned, i was to go meet him personally to get my most awaited dvd!! after the test.

the test, didn't particularly care. my head was too occupied. there was 2 question, only 1 question was answered.

so then, thanks to my kind-hearted friend, nadia who sent me to the komuter station, i managed to catch the train on time upon my arrival there. on the 10-minutes ride, i took the chance to think about our homework but to no avail, it's just too hard, in fact even at this moment i'm typing this, i haven't done it, neither do others. and when originally we planned to meet at sunway pyramid, he was already at my friend's house by that time. my luck, her house is just near the subang station. in my baju kurung and the bag containing the class stuff i brought together, i walked towards her house, sweating under quite a hot weather. thanks to the wind, it just made me feel better. and finally, i reached there.

that was my first time going to Rai's house. her mom's friendly. Rai's just like Rai. oh, and senpai? he's just alive and kicking (hahaha, i was actually translating this from 'genki'). that was my 2nd time meeting him, the 1st one was last year during the speech contest, a while i after i knew him. quite funny when i actually only knew him when i'm already out of school though he was my senior there. so, we talked about lots of things. about nihon, about what we learn. a bit about school (Rai's also my ex-schoolmate, in fact, we were of the same homeroom). another to my surprise, as 3 of us were there together, all of us are mechanical engineering students! seems like we're learning the same thing wherever we go (while senpai and i are learning in japanese, Rai have a more relaxed studying to do with english medium as she's going to UK later). going on with this kind of atmosphere, as senpai is my frequent place to ask questions on physics, i brought forward the questions that was troubling me on the train, but it seems, even he haven't learnt that in detail. shikatanai naa, even my senpai couldn't answer it, let alone me. hehehe (self-justifying while i still haven't done it until now)

but the most important thing is.... at last, after nearly 2 months waiting, i finally get my flumpool's LIVE DVD「『How did we feel then?』~flumpool Tour 2009 "Unreal" Live at Shibuya Club Quattro~」 into my hands!!!

that night it was the first night of ramadhan.

i finished half a juzu' of the al-quran.

and watched half of the dvd.

senpai, hontouni hontouni arigatou!!! ima, totemo shiawase da~~~

oh yea, though i have met him at last, there wasn't a single picture taken. but whatever it is, (the following is not a confession) senpai, daisuki~~~!!! :D but still, it would be better if u find my daruma, wouldn't it? hehehe

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