Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bon appetit?

today, i noticed a thing; if i were to compare my appetite to a normal health-conscious girl(let's name miss A), mine would be quite the same but just shift a level.

like this:

a healthy miss A would eat like usual but soon stop once she feels it's already enough, or so she thinks she already full(which means it haven't even reached one full meal). and would unlikely have unnecessary snacks whenever she wanted in excessive amount.

while, when miss A's sick, she's likely not to eat anything. "cannot take it" or so she said.

well, it's the same for me too, that is, when comparing the healthy miss A and my sick self. quite interesting when i could not finish my own meal and am tormented enough just to make sure i finish it. but still, i got my desire to eat. i want to eat but with this throat, it just doesn't allow me too. it was funny when i got myself a pack of yoghurt and sandwich for lunch, and i actually had to force myself eat it until it's clean. if only i were of my healthy self, i believe having only that for lunch could hardly satisfy me. surely, that's not enough.

and the fact is, it's rare i get this sick.

no wonder i'm so fat...............

if only i could always have that kind of appetite, no need of those additional fats... but seriously, i don't want to always be this sick, it's torturing........

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