Tuesday, August 11, 2009

health's the best thing

just am so grateful now i'm healthy again.

indeed it's somehow true that even greater than money, health is ever more precious. you cannot easily buy health. but once u've lost it, it's like life's so difficult to go through.

and what more currently people are feared by the fatal H1N1.

please keep us safe....

btw, once i've regained my normal self, um, as expected, my appetite returned to normal.

please, keep me under control....

mentally, now i'm challenged by all these questions revolving forces and everything. after all, it all went back to F=ma. just that and it could make everything twisted.

and currently patiently eagerly waiting for my flumpool's live DVD!!!

yeah, being healthy is the best!!! dakara, minna, be careful not to get sick~~

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