Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ramadhan + feast

alhamdulillah, finally ramadhan's here and for the past 4 days, i could make it through smoothly.

well, i have my own target for this sacred month and hopefully i could fulfill it by the time ramadhan ends, amin~~

i'm thankful there are great friends around me, it just makes this year's ramadhan ever more enjoyable and exciting.

so, today was my 3rd day having iftar here and it was a very nice one though it was undeniably simple. but, after all, we were all fairly full, all 5 of us.

first, our main dish was sardine roll. the fat ones. and what makes it special was that instead of being covered by bread crumbs, ours was covered by corn flakes :D

straight to our dessert, corn custard eaten in fresh milk+fruit cocktail. it's been a long time since i last made this. it tasted just okay, but as expected, our kelantanese friend would just say: "it's not sweet enough"

and,lastly, special from lini's house, a bit of barter was done and here we get bread pudding. due to a short of some ingredients, it could taste better.

so, here done the report for this time.

next, i have to be more focused for the upcoming tests and exam. hmmm, as i've mentioned before, mechanics really is an interesting subject, interestingly challenging i would say. oh please, iman, shikkari shiteyo!

and somehow, today i felt like i really fail in face-to-face interaction(a continuation of the previous communication issue). really hope this could be done with soon. it only leaves me feeling miserable.

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