Monday, August 3, 2009

backward chronology

from today backward until the day after my previous post(in short, thisis only a log of what i did)- as to why i didn't post an entry up till now would be because of today's event. so now, it had passed, it felt such a big load off my back. so, blog, i'm back!

3rd august(mon)
-first day of our short sem (freaked out, we're already seriously doing some studying, give me a break!)
-got my result : proudly i'll say, i'm the happiest girl having c+ for chemistry!! as for the rest, not bad

2nd august(sun)
-returned to tbp
-before that, watched public enemies at pavillion (my 1st time stepping in that glamorous premise)
-had lunch at a kaiten sushi restaurant. seriously, u're just tempted to take another plate off the conveyer belt
-at last, first time eating beard papa. not bad, the cream puff. i'm puffed

1st august(sat)
-returned home after having no money in my wallet
-had my lunch at burger king, sg buloh (R&R), tried the new burger. not as good as whopper
-had so much bbqed beef, prawns, squids - all that i love at makan-makan at my cousin's house

31st july(fri)
-went ice-skating for the 1st time: so many falls and bumps, that was just so damn hard for beginner i'd say
-laid down the bed for the rest of the day

-oh, and the saddest news cam to us where we lose 4 friends who can no longer strive together with us with our dream to go to nihon altogether.
-tht's really devastating

30th july(thurs)
-i passed the driving test, yay i got P!

29th july(wed)
-hanged out with assila at klcc
-bought the august issue of B-Pass with flumpool at front~~~ (this one really excited me!!)
-my flumpool frenzy just shoots up and up

28th july(tues)
-didn't even had the chance to see the morning sun, too exhausted to wake up
-returned to tbp with so much chocolates in my baggage
-i really dun like that cashier at petronas kiosk, just why couldn't he picked a better looking touchngo card, i'm purchasing it for rm10 just for some lousy and plain-looking card

27th july(mon)
-my 2nd day at langkawi
-entered mr apandi's class, sorry, couldn't be so useful as a senior. perhaps, i'll return as a better woman one day to come
-i love mr. apandi
-the total i spent at langkawi : above RM300 (on what??)

26th july(sun)
-took my flight at langkawi
-stupid me, didn't remember of the web check-in thingy and left me catching my breath to ensure i was on time
-love cikgu yat
-the form2 student are so adorable, didn't know the math we learned by that level is so damn simple

25th july(sat)
-lazing at home kanaa?
-probably feeding my obsession on drama

24th july(fri)
-last paper of our kimatsu shiken (bunsho hyougen)
-just when i thought i could aim A+, it missed

23rd july(thurs)
-i learnt a lesson the hard way
never ever stayed up on the nite of exam even if u r scared to the spine for the paper. my first experience of having my brain blank, totally all the way. thankfully and gratefully, it turned as what i received today. extremely happy coz i knew what i did on the paper.

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Chan said...

Public Enemies is kinda good. Good thing you watched it. =)

the storylines are abit dull towards the end. the sound effects are good nonetheless.