Friday, February 6, 2009

may this be the last before 'final'

exam is only a few days away.

yet, i took the advantage of early leave from school today to go for an outing to Sunway Pyramid. well, the one who led me was this adorable lad. an irresistible temptation. okay, anyway i needed to buy something at the time. oh, and i wouldn't easily forget our bus driver's kindness who actually send us until in front of the station.

the thing was actually a few stationeries and groceries. but it resulted to pretty something else. as i could actually foresee from even before, i withdrew money and i managed to finish it. talking about poor finance management. in short, we went to popular bookstore, some merchandise stalls, eating lunch and giant for the low cost groceries. today, i really felt liek some cheapskates. being a student under a budget is tough, isn't it?

the lunch : sub of the day (RM8)

after all that, and after i only have the miniscule remaining amount of money, we still went to the place we really desired to go from the start that is the place to indulge in scrumptylicious doughnuts you can find here. yeah, it was JCo though i would prefer Big Apple Doughnuts, but can;t help it, we were at Sunway.

each of us bought one for ourselves. it was really delicious!

the seat was comfy enough i did not even want to lift my big body off it. well, during our rest there, i notice a very intriguing thing. i can't stop admiring it. actually, if you see the picture upside down, you would mistake it as cups on a table. so cute!

this is just so fascinating!

so, that was how i spent my afternoon.....

however, when all things went smoothly, the only frustrating thing was we actually missed the train in front of our eyes. who wouldn't?? but then, when we get on the next train -thank god, we only waited for around 10 mins for it, i saw an interesting ad.

'mak dara'

straight translation = virgin mom. gosh, can you even wonder about that? to think scientifically, that's just rubbish. hahaha. yea, we had a good laugh then. but surprisingly, we eventually came to some possibilities that suit the phrase:

  • maryam (Isa's mother)
  • mom to a girl named 'dara'
  • a stepmom who is still virgin

hehe... seem plausible?

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Tess said...


mak dara is an oxymoron (combining contradictory terms)
other examples would be:
*cold fire
*loving hate
*nice guy or smart guy :-p

I'm a sucker of oxymoron and paradox