Tuesday, February 3, 2009


not in the mood to write in japanese. well, not that much people can actually understand though. on top of that, my 6th japanese language achievement test is already over. it's just some papers which had tortured me long enough to prepare for it. so for a moment, give me a break.

well, i'll practice later, in another post if i got time. for the final exam, japanese paper is on 19th of february. hahaha, to think back about it, almost all my papers are in japanese. can't help it though.

so, back to the present time. today, i'm preparing for tomorrow's math quiz. last minute study. i really mean it. didn't even bother to peek on it before, with so much to do in my hands. it's just my head who doesn't really know how to sort it out properly. even now, i also have to prepare myself for the robocon presentation tomorrow morning. i don't know how can i make myself memorize all those lines i'm suppose to say during the presentation. i'm troubled.

i always am.

by the way, today, just for a short moment of a very unexpected occurence, it made me embarrassed, truly embarrassed. this lazy bum was trying to find some rest when she wasn't even yet properly started revising. so, this pair of leg of mine entered the shop downstairs. some chilling drink might be okay i guess. well, not so much choice here so i resorted to a bottle of tamarind drink. went to the cashier and opened my wallet to pay. oops, i was short on coins. i did catch sight of my friends seconds before while both of us contemplating in front of the refrigerator. well, he might be kind enough ....

[hahaha, the battery went dead here, the rest below is resumed days later from the above one]

in short, i was expecting that friend of mine to cover for the amount i'm short of. it's a few cents anyway. however.... here's the embarassing part. someone i don't even know but allegedly a senior of mine, a boy, paid for me instead. gosh, i didn't even look at his face. felt so grateful yet so embarassed for him to see how desperate i was.

i said thank you. again and again. even though it was only 30 cents. it was so unexpected. of course i'm surprised. oh yeah, that friend of mine wasn't there after all.

until now, i don't who that is. thank you anyway. the drink was refreshing.....

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