Thursday, February 5, 2009

remedy to lethargy : food?

thanks to yesterday, it had beaten me to exhaustion. the presentation went okay i guess despite the mounting restlessness that overwhelmed me in presenting it. it's not everyday to present something in a language so foreign to you, right? so, i;m happy now i'm over it. however, yesterday did not stop at that, we had mathematics quiz coming after that. it was .............. . don't know how to decribe it. hard/easy? more like didn't have a clue. in spite of that, i still found the time to sleep with the quiz paper staring at me. laugh all you want. after all that, i was finally on a huge relief and in sheer delight when the victor of our robocon event the other day decided to open their hamper.

just look at this huge hamper. it's worth sharing it with everyone.
so, a BIG THANKS to them. it had been so long since the last time i enjoyed eating like this. i mean eating the stuff you get from hampers with everyone else. the one liked best is probably the love letters. when i was a kid, we used to call it 'biskut rokok'. well, it does look like a very big and enormous cigarette, right? i was totally stuffed. okay, i admit it's not only because of the free food they generously gave to all of us. honestly, from that morning, i also devoured a packet of two twiggies, 2 pieces of 'kuih', a piece of chocolate steamed bun, and a burger. oh yeah, and a packet of cadbury break. oh my, seemed like a big, fat glutton. anyway, though i'm tired at the time, i'm happy

i love this particular picture of hanim munching the love letter, isn't it beautiful?
however, the exhaustion was overwhelming after all. i slept straight after i returned to my room. till the next morning, i got a lenghty and satisfying sleep of nearly 12 hours. despite that, i could feel the lethargy lurks between my muscles.... oversleep?

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