Sunday, February 8, 2009

undying obsession

it turned out that...

i still haven't learnt my lesson...


just wanna share my current obsession right now. it's lonely to have it only by myself so i thought i ought to at least spit it out somewhere.

ummm, as some people might have known, i'm so excited when there's a new single release from my fav band, flumpool. and undoubtedly, it's really a good song, and i'm loving it. really looking forward to more of their song in the future. huhuhu, really wish i could see their live performance. with that, now i have more reason to study hard so that i could fly to japan. hehehe

aside from that, despite having a big and important final exam ahead, i still had the time to waste my time jdoramas i'm addicted on. as always, i would be attracted to the ost, and recently, i'm in love with greeeen's song. i mean it's really heartwarming. this song (setsuna - theme song from 'voice') is the 2nd song i heard from them. the first one was kiseki - theme song for 'rookies'. it was only by chance that i watched it, but the song was really touching though i barely understand it. it suits the mood of the dorama perfectly. somehow, as i search for more of their songs and to my delight, all of them are really to my liking. the internet sure is useful....

by accident or coincidence, it seems like i've become their immediate fan. just one thing i wish, i could naturally understand what they are singing sooner. the current me could only enjoy the music but little on the thing they are saying.

strange enough, when i searched for the lyrics along with their meanings, for both of this group, most of their songs encompasses on love - a thing i'm oblivious about. who cares, as long as the music is delicious to my ears.

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eD said...

Ada masa lagi melayan drama. Study la weyh.

*Diri sendiri pun sempat lagi melayan blog. Irony at its best. :P