Monday, February 9, 2009

when i think i should

it's just that now days passed with any of them being near productive, i started to think, if that's how it gonna turn out, shouldn;t i suppose to set in my mind those times are for the sole sake of idling around, throwing away all the ideas of studying or revising from my mind. they just made me miserable. if i think that way, perhaps i could enjoy it more. not like right now, i've been worrying over it for such a long time, i mean all the time, but look what i got now, nothing?

okay, enough of my regrets. it never ends. well, not up till now.

the thing here is, now i'm so over the clouds! when i'm leafing through my 'pengajian islam' textbook for its paper next week, i took most of the time hanging in front of my tempting notebook of coz. ok, my fault again, shouldn't have let it on. however, if i didn't trun it on, i won't find the thing that makes me so excited now.

repeating from the previous post, i'm now a huge fan of flumpool and it is obvious how i was looking forward to their new single and all. i'm so delighted when i could listen to it. i'm completely in love with it. but then, when their single official release has not come yet (it's on feb 25th-the sad thing is it's very unlikely for me to get my hands on it), suddenly i found their PV!! well, actually it can be found since 2 days ago on youtube but somehow i didn't. i didn't know that one's coming.

so overall, i prefer their previous PV, Harukaze. 'Hoshi ni Negai wo' has pretty much same air as in 'Hana ni Nare' PV. honestly, i like it if they make the PV contain some story-like in Harukaze. in any case, this shortcoming is covered by the song itself. well, if you listen to it a few times, you can sing it by the end of your tongue. it's fast but you still like to follow it. in short, i just love it. and of course, they just look so good in the video especially Ryuuta (he's just too good looking anyhow i see him) and i love the concept they used in it. the song literally means 'make a wish upon the star' so it attracting me with the falling star and all. it just makes the whole scene more beautiful.

so, i guess this obsession won't stop any sooner... just wish it won't jeopardize my studies, i'm desperate now

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