Tuesday, March 1, 2011

thus, the remaining 3 weeks

as expected from JAD, throughout the whole 3 years of this program, even the longest holiday we can ever have would be only about 3 weeks.

yes, 3 weeks left until my scheduled flight. and it's not precisely a full 3week holiday, we still have one more thing unfinished, and that'll be our convocation on this march 9th.

actually, it hasn't dawned on me yet, the fact that i'm really going somewhere far away. when people ask how am i feeling, honestly i can't quite answer it coz i still feel like nothing has changed. and i haven't even started with the preparation, perhaps that explains why. okay, i did already buy a few things.

yet, when i thought i want to do a looott of things, currently it seems like i'm soo free, i don't know what to do. more like, i can't do much given the state i am (so little money, cannot drive, not everyone is free to spend time with me and so on)

what i achieved so far is getting a few gadgets into my collections, reading the flumpool interviews in the magazines i bought recently and a few chapters of 『魔王』which i also bought the other day.

and i'm hungry


Anonymous said...

nak fly dah ke!
congrats congrats! :D
study kt u mane nanti?

snylo said...


insyaallah ke saitama university :) dkt je ngn tokyo

Anonymous said...

waa mesti best!
good luck in everything! :D
nnt blh datang korea, dekat je. hehe