Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3月9日 -sangatsu kokonoka-

sounds familiar?

at first i didn't realize it, until one of our TA's asked me when the graduation day is going to be, i just plainly answered "sangatsu kokonoka desu". then, i burst into laughter. it's a coincidence, yes, but it certainly makes me want to sing this particular song on that day. well, that's not going to happen though, with the official ceremony and all. and i still find it silly that we have that mortar board - okay, i only cared that it would ruin the curve at my scarf.

and... patiently waits for that mere 1.5k みんな、我慢しないとね
in that while, i filled my time watching dramas and stuff. hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday!!!

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