Thursday, March 3, 2011

a stupid situation

no need to say, i don't like to cook nor do i know how

but today, i have been having the same food for 3 meals straight: yesterday's breakfast-lunch-dinner, today's brunch. the instant capati from the freezer, scrambled egg and baked bean from the can.

at least i thought of ringing some delivery service. my phone's battery's dead. and i'm not sure whether this house has its phone or not-i've had my friend giving the house a call but i don't hear a thing. perhaps, i should walk a bit until the nearest shop, yet the grill's locked and i have no key.

i have 5 raw chickens in the fridge.

go ahead, laugh.

in the end, i resorted to online order of domino's pizza. fervently staring at the monitor of the cctv feed showing the front gate of the house.

p/s: now it's holiday, a lot of people is updating blogs-thus explaining the recent surge of posts. happy to read all those though^^


Anonymous said...

at least ad time nak update blog,
tnet save ur day iman hahah

besarnyer umah smpi phone pun x jumpa~

snylo said...

@syak, bkn besar x jumpa, ader byk beno tepon, hiasan jer, yg berfungsi tarak.... ish2

reefqi said...

LOL.. sian giler..

Has said...


T said...

5 raw chickens, iman? wow! or only 5 pieces of raw chicken?

hey maybe I should do a post an entry on college cooking especially for you.