Monday, February 28, 2011

nineteen hundred

that's no random number. i'm heavily hoping for something to put me in relief there.

so, what makes me excited for today is... i'm typing this in my brand new netbook!! this really feels different, when it's me alone who makes the decision. it was quite spontaneous, or not coz i'm sure i've checked this exact model in the internet before but i did not even give it much thought. yet, this is the one i brought home in the end.

yeah, it's plain black. nor did i seek anything fancy.

call me spendthrift or whatever because actually that was not the sole purchase i did for the day. there follows another gadgets which i'll be delighted to disclose later. 

i'm happy~


T said...

that's exactly what I have & I brought to malaysia. you didn't see it then? it's like the cheapest netbook we could get here.

reefqi said...

model pe iman??
aku nk beli asus gak ni.. hehe..

snylo said...

survey je kt komp kalau awk ade particular spec yg awk cari. cm iman nk yg bateri thn lama, org kedai tu recommend yg ni- 1050pem

Mastura Mohd Yusuf said...

woha.... laptop baru^^