Sunday, March 20, 2011

from zero to unknown

the countdown just adds up to a yet-to-be-determined number.

the fact that it was postponed indeed was a relief to a lot of people. but i'm sure if not all, some from the 84 of us know how it feels at the moment, after surviving the 3 long hard years.

mata mataserareta.

i fully understand this is all beyond our control. the plan was nicely done, yet He knows better and the most powerful.

patience is the key now....

p/s: when i thought surely my post count will rocket up this month, seems like the complete opposite happens. even from the previous one, it took me more than 10 days. okay, i did actually wrote down a bit here, can't deny how the recent disaster really affects me.

hopefully i'll make it in time to pack stuff.

and i'm wondering why the fonts are reverted back to how it was. is it only my browser or the blogger are disabling the ones i've set?


AMira1204 said...

iman.. how was ur kenduri?
huhu.. last2, iman xleyh lari dr mengemas?

snylo said...

kenduri ditunda ke 'tarikh yg akn diberitahu'. hahaha

nothing substantial said...

still planning on going to japan?

snylo said...

of course i do, for what sake i endured the arduous 3 years then? that's why i pray greatly so that nihon will return to normal as soon as possible which i believe they indeed will., insyaallah~

btw, may i ask who's there? there's nothing indicating who you are, so i'm curious

nothing substantial said...

honestly, the risk is not worth it.

it would be best for you to pray istiharah and ask for guidance from Allah swt as to whether u should proceed to Japan or not.

snylo said...

firstly, may i say i'm offended that you are not answering to my question.

if i were to say honestly of what i'm thinking, it might sound harsh, so maybe i should not. nevertheless, i'm grateful someone is still paying their concern, but i appreciate it more if i may know who that is.

nothing substantial said...

im juz a passing reader, a guy whose identity is of no importance to u.

lol dude juz speak ur mind. nothing is too harsh for me insyaAllah.

snylo said...

after a long thought, i still care about it. it's difficult to make an exchange when you barely know about the other person. and i'm offended again you're not even apologizing for making me feel so previously.

if you're saying about risk, what is it that makes you think it's not worth taking? i don't know where you live or what you are doing for a living to allow you saying such thing. are you deeply knowledgeable about the real situation there in japan (for instance, you are there now and if you're talking about the radioactive radiation, you're someone expert in that field)?

i admit, my eagerness may have influenced my view of the current situation. but i believe the fear that are developing throughout the world may or may just not consistent with the evidence of the actual physical risk. as for the news, one can hardly has full trust in it for it's renowned for blowing stuff out of proportion. nonetheless, i'm keeping updated of the progress they're going with as much as i can. thus far, things are under control, even the nuclear reactor managed to restore power. though concerns are given out for the radiation detected in soil, it apparently doesn't pose immediate health risk. if i've ever missed something vital, please do enlighten me, that is with solid argument.

things are getting better hopefully. the affected people there are also trying their best to recover their lives, so i should not stop right here, i'm midway of my struggle here, well for a degree now. i know it's by no means an easy road, but if i make a detour at a sudden now, i don't think i'm mentally ready for the consequences.

to make things short, what i'm most pissed off abt now is the sheer fact that we're not even given the detail of the new date. it really is unsettling.

nothing substantial said...

dude, i sometimes hang out with the director from MINT. he's the expert in radiation for Malaysia. he often shares his view on this subject.

why it's not worth it?
unlike other forms of anomaly, u cant really throw away radiation. it stays in your body. at minimal, it could affect ur reproductive system. y risk the chance of getting a baby over a *lousy* degree?

it's not like you cant get ur degree elsewhere. it's not like japan is the only country in the world offering a degree in engineering. it's not the end of the world if u dont go to Japan.

i mean, if u're desperate for a superb degree in engineering, u could always try for MIT or Berkeley. they are more established than those unies in japan.

pray istiharah dude. if Allah swt tells u that it's ok to go to Japan then by all means, go for it. else, u're just playing with fire when there's no reason to do so.

T said...

...that's the first time I ever heard Berkeley is put on the same league as MIT...

Semetot, maybe you can learn to cook while you're still in Malaysia. So, they didn't tell you any contingency plan? I can understand why they don't want you to go. Because if you get cancer 30 years down the road, they don't want to have to pay for your treatment. It's freaking expensive, the diagnosis and the screening alone can cost a bomb. At the mean time, just enjoy your free time.

nothing substantial said...

in certain things like electrical engineering and networking, Berkeley is at par with MIT.

UNIX came from Berkeley not MIT, but i reckon u already know that. there's a first time to everything for a newbie eh?