Thursday, March 10, 2011


from tomorrow the countdown will be left as a single digit.

it's hard to describe how i am feeling at the moment.

today was the graduation ceremony. not much to be said, it went as how it's expected to be.

maybe, except this:

poor us, we were to be robbed!! thankfully none of our valuables items are gone, lol. as people say, laughter's the best medicine, they do know how to make us laugh~

i'm grateful enough the robe this time is not that bad. as compared to some memory i have from years ago. perhaps, this'll be the last we'll be putting on such attire. surely, in nihon, there's none of this.

actually, what to be said is so much more but it's just difficult to put those in words.


and i just found this song sound so soothing-like how spitz's songs always do, it's like consoling the current me at the moment when i'm feeling not so good for no particular reason

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fadhilah said...

sotsugyou omedetou~