Wednesday, April 6, 2011


now it really is only 10 nights away.

if anyone ever watch ayashino ceres, you know what character i'm thinking about now.

ok, back to the main topic, it's unfortunate that i can't reunite with all 84 of us who are going. and some of them will live not so close that will allow me to always meet them. yes, i'm sad. my flight's gonna be the last one, in Saturday night of april 16th. a few classes gonna be skipped inevitably. but i don't think i can blame it on this if later i can't cope with the lessons, or can i?

and one funny thing when the person from ypm called to inform me on the matter yesterday, it was told also about our attire for the flight. not only they make us wearing suits as to make it so formal, but also black scarf. i ask him "really? black scarf? with black suits? are we attending japanese funeral?" (coz if it's funeral which i used to go, it's light-colored clothes, but for japanese, it's black. now, let's just hope none of the boys gonna turn up wearing black neckties)

perfect with the recent disaster where everyone's grieving, and we are showing we are too.

so, that's one thing settled, no need for me to go all anxious of when is it exactly i'm going. but i actually forgot about the flumpool's dvd and only get that thing settled today-the release day. it all boils down to luck now whether i could get the first-press edition or not though i badly want that one.

btw, yesterday was also the day when i think library is not exactly a bad  plain boring place after all. well, if you're going to the correct one. i guess i could spend my remaining week there in jfkl library, and it only lies next to the midvalley. i could finish a few manga series and some haruki murakami's novel without having to buy it. well, as much as i love kinokuniya for it's mountain of books i have interest in, i hate it when i splurge my money each time. 

as i've mentioned somewhere b4, my goal of at least a book month is somehow accomplished so far. well, it's april and i've finished 5 books until now this is excluding the loads of manga which can also considered books.   my favourite so far is definitely 'the curious incident of the dog in the night-time' by mark haddon. i always love when books are narrated in 1st person view. and as neil gaiman said it, unlike tv, words from the book are built into a world of your own, where you're one of the characters. it certainly holds true in a way. i also finished a book i bought a while back, 'Johnny and the bomb', terry pratchett still haven't failed to disappoint me in this one. and at kino, there's 25% discount for Randa Abdel Fattah's first book, well, i ended up reading her 2nd book-'Ten Things I Hate About Me'. all i was about to say is for the above 3 books, i love them!

and i got a feeling if there's any manga or movie i want to savour, now's the time. it'll be hectic once i reached nihon. well, i just wish i'll still be able to watch sakura in bloom. and i actually got a consolation word that in up north, sakura still blooms in May-and do i have time then??talking about movie, they're showing this in malaysia starting tomorrow-thanks to someone who reminded me of this. yeay, matsuyama kenichi in action-he's also in norwegian wood movie but i'm yet to watch that though it's been sitting in my external hard disk for a while now.


Nurhanisah said...

sedih tak dapat jumpa semua jugak!tapi dapat jumpa iman!hihihi :D

snylo said...

yeay, dpt jumpa ecah!! kiter dekat je kan.. hehe

you know who xD said...

kite2!!!! kite jumpe kat nihon ye imannnn~

7heavens said...

ayashino ceres!gantz! damn i love the anime and manga so much!
btw,gudluck iman!!ada rezki jumpa~